Transylvania University Robotics, INterface, and Graphics Lab

The TURING Lab is a place for computer science students to work and socialize. Located on the first floor of the Brown Science Center (Room 106), the lab is home to a variety of technologies, including machines capable of running Ubuntu 22.04 and Mac OS X, four 3D printers and two object digitizers, multiple robots, and an HTC Vive Pro headset. The lab also contains several whiteboards, ergonomic chairs, a conference table, and a couch.

This RGB-D sensor from Microsoft, originally designed to be used on the XBox, makes a great full body scanner.

Use of Lab

Transy students use the TURING Lab not only for completing assignments but as a space for creation and collaboration. Students make use of various equipment to broaden their horizons through technology. Students have programmed robots, printed 3D sculptures of their designs, and created different types of software. The lab is meant to be a collaborative space for not only students in the computer science program but all Transylvania University students.

Students in the Lab

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